Pendulum People

New York City based Pendulum People consists of four equal parts: Nova Zef, LVDF, Soraya Lundy, and Justin Conte. They swing in unison cultivating a powerful force of music and performance. All work Pendulum People create, from the music and the wardrobe to the choreography and conceptualization, is original and built from its Tribe. The sound is eclectic and vibrant: Global Bass/ Jungle Beats/ Hypnotic Soul. The music comes to life in their live set packed with transcending vocals, earth shaking dance, galactic uniform and mind bending visuals. You may have seen them play at Lighting in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Symbiosis Gathering, Gratitude Migration, Mysteryland USA, Global Eclipse Gathering, Bowery Ballroom, Pianos NYC, House of Yes, Ophelia’s Denver, and Baby’s All Right. Pendulum People have transformed their individual crafts and years of cypher performances into a collective focused on progressing global growth through art. “We are Galactic Soldiers fighting for the return of PEACE, TRUTH, and UNTAMED EXPRESSION.”

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Pendulum People

Photo by Cadencia