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Pendulum People create a source of artistic expression,

This collective came together in Brooklyn, NY in 2015 and have quickly grown into a Tribe exciting audiences all over the country. Collaboration has been this collectives main goal. A pendulum swings in search of an honest direction... every creative team member of this collective opens their heart to the truth that they are that for one another. Support, honesty and a creative reflection. It takes the bravery of not only one, but an entire tribe to make change

Pendulum People bring a live show packed with earth shaking dance, galactic uniform and mind bending visuals to the sounds of global bass. All work Pendulum People create, from the music to the costuming, is original and built from its Tribe. You might have seen them perform at Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering, PEX, Pianos NYC, House of Yes, JunXion NYC, Bembe, Mundo as well as on top of the colorful Blubyrd busses that fly around the New York streets. Pendulum has transformed their individual talents and years of cypher performances into a collective of futuristic consciousness expressing global change. "Eclectic, Global, New Age, Earth Electronic, Urban Fresh, Conscious, and Artful" are just a few  words that have been used to describe Pendulum People and the work they offer the world. This collective is currently performing their unique spectacle all over the United States with plans to travel internationally this spring. This Tribe also offers workshops to youth as well as adults, allowing the communities they share with to be apart of the performance experience. 


Pendulum People hypnotize their audience, taking them on a journey with their unique spectacle. The people watch, the people listen, the people dance, then they evolve. With original music, words, choreography, costuming, mask design, puppetry, live drumming and visuals, their goal will always be to elevate the people. They want to share with as many earthlings as possible to spread this colorful consciousness. 


Our Pendulum is swinging in your direction...



Creative team

 Pendulum People justin conte creation

 Justin Conte

Director. Choreographer. editor. 

 Pendulum People LVDFdesign


wardrobe design. music production. dancer

 Pendulum People Nova Zef

nova zef

poet. performer. recording artist.

Soraya Lundy of Pendulum People

Soraya Lundy

Performer. artist.


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