Pendulum People and Nova Zef Collaborate to Elevate the People!

Pendulum People and Nova Zef have teamed up to create a truly magical expereince. With original music, heart pounding dancing, mind blowing visuals, puppertry, characters and rooted poetry, this collective is determined to excite your soul. Over the past month, Pendulum has performed at world famous venues such as Pianos in Manhattan, as well as the House of Yes and The Wick in Brooklyn. This team of artists, performers, art educators, and designers has only just begun its cycle of sharing powerful art. So be sure to follow Pendulum People for up to date events, performances, workshops and releases.

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Nova Zef, Lukas van der Fecht, Justin Conte and Kimba-Ji of Pendulum People performing their Live Experience at Pianos, in NYC.

"I am the SOURCE... in contact with my SOUL."

* Pendulum People and Nova Zef LIVE at The WIck in Brooklyn, NYC *

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