Pendulum People and Nova Zef exploring EQUALITY =

Last week, Pendulum People and Nova Zef dove deep into their creative flow. They began collaborating on their 4th Music Video */| KINGS |\* a visual exploration of two Kings conceiving and birthing a Star Child.

In a time where Equality is at a peak of social and political awareness, Pendulum People felt it neccessary to explore the possibilty of two powerful men bringing a balanced, loved, and creative Queen into the world.

Director/ Choreographer: Justin Conte and Music Producer/ Wardrobe Designer: LVDF play our "Kings". Resident Poet Nova Zef is depicted as the new born "Queen".

With earth pounding dancing, deep sensual/ spiritual connection and beautiful natural scenery: this team plans to bring peace and awareness to their viewers. They want to open minds and inginte questions so that we can continue to evolve as a civilization.

The track is produced by LVDF with an accompanying vocal prayer by Nova Zef.

Our world is in need of acceptance and understanding in everyway. This story is sure to bring awareness to this ever growing cause and shed light on the truth of LOVE in any form.

Be on the look out for KINGS, dropping early 2016 followed by an accompanying EP by Nova Zef and LVDF.

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